PT AM/NS Indonesia


08 Mar 2022

National Work and Healthy Day 2022 (Hari K3 Nasional) – Closing

February 14, 2022 is the closing day for the commemoration of the National OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) day in PT AM/NS Indonesia after the Opening Ceremony held on January 12th 2022 and participants with given 2 major awards namely Best safe department and Best safe employee.
The first award, namely the Safety Award for the best department, was given to the Electric & Automation department which was given directly by the President Director of AM/NS Indonesia, Mr. S.K Subramanian and received by Mr. Wawan Kusmawan for best safety department performance. This selection was done by a panel of safety committee after verifying lot of data related to the safety, health and environment.
The second award is an award for the Safety officer who is in each department (In AM/NS Indonesia, every department have safety officers apart from General HSE department staff), in this case the award is given directly by the President Director of AM/NS Indonesia, Mr. SK Subramanian and received by Mr. Rabin Ardiansyah from Service Center Department for his achievements and hard work because he has become a driver of safety awareness and an example for employees and others to always maintain safety wherever they work.
And there are several other employees who got the same award for their hard work towards safe working environment..
Hopefully this will continue to be a motivation for all employees to continue to act and think safe and at the same time maintain health to create a safe and healthy work environment.